I'm Matti Hicks, a UX researcher with a strong (💪) design background

Based in Zürich, I am currently a UX researcher for a global bank. Prior to this, I've worked in research areas such as international education, social technologies, health and medical, and engineering.

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Research work

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International research

Identifying customer journeys to revamp EF Language products

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Surveys and remote interviews for trip pricing

Applying thick data to understand quantitative success

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Contextual inquiries at Novartis

Working with research oncologists to enable better collaboration

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Portable Ultrasound for Village Midwives

Field study research for the UI of a low cost medical device in rural Uganda

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Design work

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Digital transformation for EF Finland

Researching and designing for a new end to end customer experience

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DogStay: a tailored dog boarding experience

A self-initiated project - based on my love for dogs 🐶

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About Matti

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I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, raised by two hardworking parents who reluctantly let me study abroad in Germany when I was 17. After graduating high school I moved to Seattle and worked in cafes until I could afford college.

In college I won scholarships that enabled me to develop strong passions for art, digital design, research, and writing. I also studied in Italy, interned in Holland, and conducted fieldwork in Uganda.

Less than a month after graduating college I moved to Switzerland where I've been living for the past eight years.

Not yet a yodeler, not yet an alphorn player. But loving it here.🇨🇭☺️

I work with...

And for fun I...

  • Write and read fiction
  • Listen to Mixed Methods
  • Code side projects
  • Meditate