Surveys and interviews on a pricing CTA
Understanding the quantitative "success" behind an important call-to-action button and how we can better present the price on the Education First website.

Role: UX Research Lead

Why are users ordering a price quote when the price breakdown is already present on the EF Languages Abroad website?


I sent a short survey to people who have recently filled out a price quote. From this survey, I took the most recent (within the past week) and "data rich" responses and conducted a round of phone and Skype interviews to gather more in-depth information.


As a result of this research, I collaborated with the product owner to plan a list of experiments to improve people's ability to get an exact price directly from the site, without decreasing leads. This included:

  • New price component on the destination pages
  • A/B testing CTA copy

Custom bot test

One of the experiments involved testing a chat bot, which I implemented and was introduced by a video from a language consultant. This research also builds on other research efforts which are trying to bring a more personable experience to the product.

In the video below, the language consultant says (in Finnish): "Hello, my name is Daniel. Would you like a personalized price quote? I am here to help if you need anything" and then the bot leads the user through a price quote request.