International research
I identified the customer journeys across multiple markets for EF Languages Abroad, a company that sends students abroad to learn languages.

Role: UX Research Lead

What are the digital touchpoints for students and parents who book an EF language course and how do these touchpoints impact their EF experience?

Video as a result of this research

I created a video with a videographer showing what happens when parents send their child on an EF language trip. I conducted all the on-camera interviews, drew the storyboard, directed the editing changes, and pushed it live onto the product website:


  • Ten to fifteen student interviews within each market
  • Four to five parent interviews within each market
  • Eight to ten sales coordinator and customer service team interviews within each market

Along with a designer and field expert, I also conducted an affinity diagramming workshop and a sales blueprint exercise with marketing, sales, and customer service representatives.

Results and impact

I can't disclose my findings for confidentiality reasons, but here's some of the outcomes and action items I took:

1. I created a customer journey diagram with eight stages that the customer experiences throughout their EF journey. We are currently building on this research to go deeper within the eight stages I defined.

Customer journey (blurred to protect confidentiality)

2. I am collaborating with the product owner as this research directly impacts the product roadmap; we've uncovered multiple product opportunities for 2019, and most likely beyond.

3. Feature and content improvements are in planning, development, or testing stages, including providing more information about what the student will experience as well as an increased emphasis on authenticity in the product.